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The team at Master Management, the company that manages infrastructure and security for the community, is committed to ensuring you have the latest information on all the capital and infrastructure projects in Century Village East.  We are working hard to ensure CVE remains a world-class residential destination.

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Bus Routes Return to Normal Schedules

All bus routes are back on their regular schedules. The previous changes were due to construction projects taking place around property (Clubhouse Renovations, Paving, and East Gate Closure).




Watch this important recycling video!

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Should you recycle supermarket bags?

Master Management wants to make sure you're following the rules of recycling. Century Village East doesn't have a great track record, and the City of Deerfield Beach could raise our rates if we don't start following the rules.

Click on the below video for three tips that cover the most common recycling mistakes.


Which one of our improvement projects are you interested in?

We have several projects underway or in planning. I hope this site helps you keep up with all our improvements.
— Eli Okun, Master Management President of the Board

Roadway and Lot Paving

Throughout the summer of 2018, several sections of Century Village East will be repaved.  This project includes roadways and parking lots.  It's important that you know when we will be paving near your unit so you can relocate your cars. Click below for our latest schedule.

Paving Schedule ➤

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Street Light Safety Upgrades

As part of Master Managements multi-phase safety improvement program, we are upgrading to new, brighter LED lights.  We are also bringing in experts to recommend new areas to install lighting to increase safety.  Please note: Master Management maintains the lights along the roadways and common areas.  Lights on your building are the responsibility of your individual association. 

More Information ➤


Gate House Renovations

Renovations are underway for all the guard houses in the community.  The first project to begin will be the east gate house.  Permits and plans have been approved.  Work is expected to begin on June 4th, 2018.  As work progresses, traffic patterns will be affected.  We encourage you to stay up to date on the most recent changes.

Gate House Progress and Traffic Updates


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Perimeter Wall

Master Management is working on plans and permits for construction of a new perimeter wall around the village.  

More Information will be posted soon.


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At Master Management, we are serious about our responsibility to maintain the high quality of living our CVE residents expect. 


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