Central Park

Now that ownership of the majority of the former golf course has been turned over to Master Management, the process of redesigning the space into a beautiful park has begun.



In April, Toll Brothers and Master Management completed the agreement that transferred the land formerly used as the golf course to the Village. Master Management Board of Directors President Eli Okun signed the papers making it official. The cost of the land to the Village: nothing!

Master Management took possession of four of the five parcels (the fifth is what Toll Brothers is keeping to build its project) and is now beginning the multi-year process of transforming them into a beautiful park in the heart of the Village.

Park designers are now beginning to work with the Village to design a beautiful passive park facility. A passive park could include paths for walking, biking, and other similar uses. Phase one will not include golf, tennis courts, pools, or a new recreation center. Those uses could be included during later stages of development. Toll Brothers is paying to clean up any left-over chemicals allowing Master Management to move forward with plans to design and build the park.



Now that the land has been transferred, it has also been renamed. As part of the exciting process of creating a signature amenity on the heart of Century Village East, the first step is to recognize the land is no longer a golf course. Instead it will be a beautiful park located in the center of the Village. As a result, the area has been renamed CVE Central Park. Keep an eye out for exciting new branding for CVE Central Park.


  • Does this involve the entire golf course?

    No. Toll Brothers is building on the portion of the course along Military Trail.

  • I heard there are all sorts of chemicals on the land. Will those be cleaned up?

    Yes. Part of the deal is for Toll Brothers to clean up the land so it can be safely used as a park.

  • Will the course eventually be reopened as a golf course for residents?

    No. The land will be redesigned as a park for walking, biking, and other similar uses. It would not include golf, tennis courts, pools, or a new recreation center.

  • How much is this entire deal costing me?

    Master Management acquired the course and covered all associated costs with existing funds. Master Management did not pay for the land.

  • Will I have input into how the area is designed?

    Yes. The company that is designing the park will hold several public meetings and solicit resident input many times.

  • What is Toll Brothers building?

    Toll Brothers’ current plans are for two-story single family town homes. They will be separate from CVE and not have access to CVE.