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What you need to know about the CVE golf course


Major First Step Taken in Golf Course Transformation

A tentative deal has been struck in the effort to acquire the golf course and transform it into a park.

Master Management and home builder Toll Brothers have a preliminary agreement. It calls for Master Management to acquire most of the course at little or no expense. (Toll keeps the portion along Military Trail behind Upminster and Richmond.) Toll will pay to clean up any left-over chemicals allowing Master Management to move forward with plans to design and build a park to be used for walking paths, biking, picnics, etc.

There is a sixty day due diligence period before the agreement is final. Among the more important issues is ensuring Toll cleans up the course to the level required to safely build a park.

For more information on the golf course, read the FAQs below.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Does this involve the entire golf course?

No. The entire course is owned by a third party. They are selling the entire course to Toll Brothers. Toll Brothers plans to build on the portion of the course along Military Trail. Toll will provide the remaining portions to Master Management at little to no cost.

I heard there are all sorts of chemicals on the course. Will those be cleaned up?

Yes. Part of the deal is for Toll Brothers to clean up the course. But part of ongoing negotiations involve how much clean up Toll will do. We are demanding that Toll clean it up enough so it can be used as a park for our residents.

Will the course eventually be reopened as a golf course for residents?

No. The plan is to use the land to create a park for walking, biking, and other similar uses. It would not include golf, tennis courts, pools, or a new recreation center.

How much is this entire deal costing me?

Right now Master Management believes it can acquire the course and cover any associated costs with existing funds. There are no plans to pass costs to residents. Under the tentative agreement, Master Management is getting the course at little to no cost.

Will I have input into how the area is designed?

Yes. The company that will eventually design the park will hold several public meetings and solicit resident input many times. What is Toll Brothers building?

Toll Brothers’ current plans are for two-story single family town homes. They will be separate from CVE and not have access to CVE. What is the timing for all this?

The first step is to finalize the preliminary deal to acquire and clean the course. The due diligence period ends at the end of October.