Master Management is working with the buildings to provide free upgrades to the lighting in the parking lots and other areas in front of the buildings.



lighting phase 2 finished.jpg

WE ARE FINISHED! As of the last week in September, 2019 phase two of the lighting upgrade project is complete. Participating buildings have received free LED lighting upgrades to their property. In addition to building lights, the program also installed new LED tower lights across the property.

WHAT’S NEXT? We will soon begin phase three of the lighting project which will focus on the garden apartments.



OK…We know it’s long, but we want to make sure you know all the buildings that have already partnered with Master Management for the lighting upgrades:


Ashby A

Ashby C

Ashby D

Berkshire A

Berkshire C

Berkshire D

Berkshire E

Cambridge A

Cambridge B

Cambridge F

Cambridge G

Durham A

Durham B

Ellesmere B

Farnham N

Farnham O

Grantham C

Grantham E


Harwood C

Harwood D

Harwood E

Harwood F

Islewood D

Keswick C

Lyndhurst H

Lyndhurst I

Lyndhurst J

Lyndhurst N

Newport G

Newport H

Newport N

Newport Q

Newport S

Oakridge A


Oakridge D

Oakridge F

Oakridge U

Oakridge V

Richmond A

Richmond C

Richmond E

Richmond F

Swansea A

Swansea B

Upminster J

Upminster K

Ventnor G

Ventnor H

Ventnor O

Westbbury F

Westbury H