Perimeter Wall

Part beautification, part increased security, Master Management will be installing new perimeter walls around the property.



The new wall is planned for the northern border of the community along Hillsboro Boulevard in front of Ellesmere and Westbury (water and dense landscaping creates a natural barrier near Durham). The wall will turn south at Westbury, heading towards the Temple. It will resume between the Temple and Swansea and turn south along Military Trail until it joins with a planned wall being constructed by Toll Brothers as part of their project.

Other planned sections of the wall run from Richmond, past Farnham to SW 10th Street, as well as along Prescott, Tillford, Islewood and Ventnor.

While current city rules allow for a six-foot wall, Master Management is working to get permission for the wall to be eight feet high. Construction is expected to begin winter 2019/2020.