Each summer when the number of village residents decreases, Master Management takes advantage of the decrease in traffic to resurface the roads and ensure they are are maintained properly. Each year a different section of the village is worked on.



The 2019 Paving Project for the Westbury Area will commence on Thursday, August 29th at buildings Westbury E and D, and then working their way towards Century Boulevard.

Detailed schedules will be provided this Wednesday, August 21st.

Should you have any questions regarding the paving process, please contact Robert Streather, CVE Master Management, at (954) 913-9142 or Ray DePerro of Five Star at (954) 650-2347.

Watch for additional updates on the continuation of the 2019 Paving Project and be sure to visit for all Project Updates.

Here is a map of the areas scheduled to be resurfaced during the summer 2019 months. The red roads are part of the 2019 plan. The blue roads are roadways that have already been completed.

paving 2019.png


Master Management's 2019 paving plan includes the following areas: work will begin in the Durham area and will work east in this order, Cambridge, Westbury, Swansea, Upminster and Richmond.  Each area will be done individually according to a schedule.  See below for more information.

Vehicles must be removed from their parking spaces no later than 8:00AM the day your building is scheduled to be paved and cannot be returned to their parking spaces until the following day. Parking is available at the Clubhouse, if needed (first lot to the right as you enter off of Century Blvd.).

Residents planning to be away during this time and leaving a vehicle at their Association should make arrangements to leave keys with a resident who resides on the property full-time so their vehicle can be moved during the paving process. Please advise Ray DePerro of Five Star Sealing and Paving at (954) 650-2347 the name, unit number, and telephone number of the individual that will have your keys. If your vehicle is in a parking space when paving begins, it is likely to be towed by your Association at your own expense.

WEATHER DELAYS:   Please note that rain will create delays in the paving.  If the exact dates change a bit due to weather delays, please be patient.